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 Blue Ladies448 
 Green Ladies394 
 Red Ladies361 

Hole #8 - Cornell
After the length of seven, at the 493-yard par five eighth the golfer is beguiled by an innocent looking hole. An avian paradise if ever there was one! The only question is which type: eagle? Surely, birdie. Not so fast. Some will walk away not quite sure why they didn’t score better. The tee shot plays into a sharp upslope which limits distance. The golfer who elects to go for the green with his blind second shot takes the risk of getting beyond the hole or to the right of a tiny, elevated green ringed by deep bunkers, which is extremely slick from back to front and right to left. It’s important to leave your ball below the hole on eight, but the false front sends balls struck too delicately back down into the fairway. Players who are out of position left or right are largely left to guessing how their ball will react on the green.