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 Blue Ladies440 
 Green Ladies420 
 Red Ladies406 

Four confronts the golfer with every challenge, save water; at 469 yards, it has length. On the left lurks out of bounds. On the right, trees and dense rough. Bunkers guard the green left and right. Behind the green, a steep slope plunges away to a spot 10 feet below the putting surface. The hole starts on a tee that sits among trees, creating a slight chute. The landing area is blind, as the fairway begins a gentle downslope 220 yards from the tee and continues its gradual descent all the way to a very severe green with a large ridge on the left side. Boatwright points out that 469 yards stretches a par four to maximum length, but adds that the hole plays somewhat shorter since it runs downhill. Premium hole locations are in the front, and in the back left.