For the Caddies

For information about our Caddie Program please contact Gregor Steger, Director of Outside Operations, at

Caddie Assignments

Please CLICK HERE to log onto our new dedicated Caddie website.

Username: first initial + last name (one word)
Password: last name

All caddies from last year are defaulted at first initial and last name for username and last name for password. Edit profile on the foretees website, choose availability (you must fill out availability every 2 weeks)

* Multiple phone calls from caddies will result in a reduction in ratings.

Caddies must show up at least 45 minutes prior to their tee time. If a caddie does not show up or shows up late without an email in advance, that loop will be reassigned. In addition, failure to show up for a loop or showing up late, will reduce that caddies ratings for the next week by 30 points. 

Caddie Assignment Procedures

You will receive an email from Confirm your assignment via this email.