Caddie Program
We encourage you to take a caddie!

Brooklawn’s beautiful Tillinghast-designed course can be best appreciated on foot. The caddie tradition at Brooklawn dates all the way back to the club’s inception in 1895. In the early 1900’s, when most of the caddies were quite young, Brooklawn even had a camp with facilities and activities that could accommodate as many as 200 caddies while they waited for their loops.

Sadly, the use of caddies has declined at many golf courses over the years due to the economic impact of golf carts. However, at Brooklawn, our program remains quite strong with well over 50 caddies getting out on busier days. It is a terrific way to play golf and the support of our membership and guests is key to the continuing success of this program.

Equally important is the fact that we continue to attract very fine young men and women to our club. While we do have a number of professional caddies that have been with us in some cases over 20 years, the majority come from local high schools and colleges. Brooklawn has always viewed its Caddie Program as a way to support the local economy but more importantly, to help build character in our young people through employment, mentor opportunities and scholarships.

We encourage any and all who play golf at Brooklawn to help us to support this fine tradition by being sure to sign up for a caddie when you make your tee time.