Rules & Etiquette
We are pleased that you plan to join us as a guest of our Club, and we would like to make your visit as enjoyable and comfortable as possible.

Below are some of our guidelines, and your host can answer any other questions you may have. You may also email Clubhouse Manager Eduardo Altamirano at for more information.

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Dress Code

Members are expected to observe the Dress Code and are responsible for ensuring observance by their family members and guests. Proper attire and a neat appearance are required throughout the Club. Active wear that is in conformance with Brooklawn rules is permitted when worn immediately before or after the activity. Tucked in collared shirts are required for men. Male children 10 and over are required to follow the Dress Code for men.

The following Dress Code Categories below specify required dress by Clubhouse location (excluding Locker Rooms and Pro Shop). 
It is important to note that specific events may have their own Dress Code permitted, regardless of the Clubhouse location. Unless otherwise specified for an event, all Dress Code rules apply. 


Dress Code Category                                    Clubhouse Location

Club Casual (No Denim)                                  Clubhouse, All Locations

Club Casual (Denim Jeans Permitted)*           Grill Room, Trophy Room, Porch, Bowling Alley, Treehouse

Jacket Required                                               Saturday evening in Living Room and Dining Room

Coat and Tie                                                     Event Specific

Black Tie                                                           Event Specific


*Club Casual (Denim Jeans Permitted) only from the day after Labor Day to the Friday before Memorial Day.

Appropriate denim is defined as denim pants with an appropriate cut, in excellent repair, without holes or tattering. Inappropriate denim is defined as denim pants worn or cut lower than waist level, torn, tattered, ripped, frayed, faded, patched, with holes or otherwise in disrepair. Inappropriate denim also includes work-type denim, painter’s pants, cargo pants, and cut-offs.

Not Permitted in the Clubhouse

  • Untucked shirts for men
  • Hats for men
  • Pool apparel
  • Midriff baring tops
  • Denim shorts
  • Denim jackets
  • Short shorts/skirts

The General Manager, Clubhouse Manager, Golf Pro, Tennis Pro, Pool Director, and House, Golf, Tennis, and Pool Committees are authorized to enforce the Dress Code. The General Manager will loan male members or guests a jacket/tie when required. Hats, where permitted must have brims facing forward.

Smoking Policy 

Brooklawn does not allow smoking other than in the specifically designated areas below:

1.  Golf Course
2.  Parking Lot
3.  Far end exterior porches adjacent to the 18th green and 1st tee
4.  Second floor lounge
 (the "Treehouse") located above the Men's Locker Room

In each of these areas, however, smokers are reminded to be considerate of diners and other club members and guests sharing those spaces. Brooklawn considers smoking to include the use of cigarettes, cigars and pipes.

Cell Phones

The use of wireless communication devices is banned everywhere on club grounds and in the Clubhouse with the following exceptions:

1.   Locker Rooms
2.   Parking Lot

While on the golf course, members and their guests may carry such devices only in the silent mode and may text and email discreetly without disturbing play. Electronic devices may be used at the Pool in the silent mode.